DBZ Episode 34 - Krillin's Offensive

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[edit] Episode 34 - Krillin's Offensive

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Japanese name: Shoot, Krillin! The Genki Dama, Packed with Hope

Using the energy Goku gave him, Krillin manages to form the Spirit Bomb into a ball, it's the only one they can make so Krillin's timing must be perfect. Gohan is still fighting against Vegeta, but in the end Vegeta has the upper hand. Krillin watches, waiting for the right moment, when King Kai gives Krillin some encouragement and advice, telling him to feel out the evil ki rather than see him with his eyes. As Vegeta goes in for the kill, Krillin launches the Spirit Bomb. However, Yajirobe's shouting alerts Vegeta of what is going on and manages to evade it. The Spirit Bomb heads straight for Gohan, Goku tells Gohan that he can bounce the Spirit Bomb back as he has no evil in his heart. Believing his father, Gohan tries and reflects the Spirit Bomb straight up to Vegeta, this time hitting him and sending his up into the sky. Back at the Kame House, everyone decides to go to the battlefield, even Korin arrives to go with them. Just as Goku and the others are resting, Vegeta falls out of the sky, and is still alive, though seriously injured. Intent on killing them, Vegeta explodes his ki to wipe out the area. Once the dust has cleared, Vegeta realises he's worse off then he realised, and goes to finish them all off quickly so that he can head back to recuperate. He heads to Gohan first, spotting that he still has his tail and that his light ball he used to transform earlier is still in the sky.

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