DBZ Episode 33 - Hero in The Shadows

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[edit] Episode 33 - Hero in The Shadows

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Japanese name: Don't Die, Father!! This is the Depth of Gohan's Power

Vegeta crushes Goku in his hands, not too far off Gohan and Krillin see that Vegeta has tranformed. They run towards them both only to see Yajirobe is also hiding nearby, Krillin explains that if they can remove Vegeta's tail, he will return to normal and asks Yajirobe and Gohan to distract Vegeta whilst he finds a way to cut off the tail. Vegeta hears that someone is close by, and moments later Gohan pleads for Vegeta to let Goku go. Behind Vegeta, Krillin fires a Kienzan at Vegeta's tail, but Vegeta jumps over it, having heard it. But out of nowhere, Yajirobe slices off Vegeta's tail with his sword and he changes back to his usual form. Vegeta is enraged by this and threatens to kill all of them, going after Gohan first, knocking Krillin unconscious in the process. He picks up and Gohan and throws him down next to Goku who pleads with Gohan to fight Vegeta in his place. After Vegeta kicks Goku around, Gohan finds the strength to want to fight Vegeta, whilst Goku explains to Krillin that he still has a some of the energy from the Spirit Bomb left and wants to give it to him. Goku hands the energy over to Krillin, only about half of the energy remained but Goku thinks this will be enough to finish off Vegeta in the state he is in now. Gohan is losing his fight against Vegeta but, in the process, keeping Vegeta distracted.

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