DBZ Episode 30 - Goku vs. Vegeta

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[edit] Episode 30 - Goku Vs. Vegeta

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Japanese Name: A Hot, Unbounded Battle! Goku Vs. Vegeta

Goku leads Vegeta off to a new location for their battle, leaving Krillin and Gohan behind. Satisfied that he has found a spot where no one will be hurt in their fight, Goku lands, and confronts Vegeta. After exchanging a few words, the two of them square off, with Vegeta having the initial upper hand. Knowing fighting Vegeta at this level is pointless, Goku powers up using the Kaio Ken technique, but still even this isn't enough to do any major damage to Vegeta. Meanwhile, Baba is trying to get the Crystal Ball to work, however the energy from Goku and Vegeta fighting is causing a disturbance and causing it to not work properly. Vegeta takes his turn to power up this time, causing the Earth to shake. Elsewhere, Lunch is sitting in a bar where they are broadcasting about the events. Thinking that Tenshinhan is dead, Lunch drowns her sorrow with drinks. The building begins to shake and the ground cracks as a result of Vegeta's powerup from miles away. When Vegeta finishes his powerup the Earth returns to a calm. Vegeta attacks Goku again, forcing him to use a Kaio Ken x 2 to evade. Realising there is little alternative if he wants to beat Vegeta, he decides he will have to try and use Kaio Ken x 3, despite the risks it poses. Not too far away Yajirobe is hiding, watching the two of them. Goku completes his power up and launches to attack Vegeta...

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