DBZ Episode 2 - Reunions

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[edit] Episode 02: Reunions

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Japanese name: The Mightiest Warrior in all of History is Goku’s older Brother!

The stranger from outer space tracks Goku with the radar over his eye, following his movements. Meanwhile Bulma arrives at Master Roshi’s island, meeting him and Krillin who has already arrived. She tells them all that she has broke up with Yamcha for cheating on her, and out of spite didn’t tell him they were all meeting up today. Goku and Gohan soon arrive at the Master Roshi’s and he introduces everyone to his son for the first time. They all catch up for a little while, until Goku senses a strong power heading towards them, it’s the stranger from earlier. He lands on the island and identifies himself as Raditz, and Goku’s older brother. He explains that Goku is not from Earth, but from the Planet Vegeta, one of a warrior race known as the Saiyan and his real name is infact Kakarot. He also explains the Saiyans true power of their tail and how looking at the light of a full moon can cause a Saiyan to transform into a giant, powerful ape. Raditz is furious that Goku hasn’t carried out his mission he was sent to do as a baby, the mission being to wipe out all life on the planet and insists that Goku join him and the remaining two other Saiyans. Goku obviously refuses the offer, so Raditz kidnaps Gohan, telling Goku that if he wants to see his son again, he’ll have to kill 100 humans by tomorrow.

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