DBZ Episode 29 - Lesson Number One

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[edit] Episode 29 - Lesson Number One

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Japanese Name: Father is amazing! Kaio-Ken, the Ultimate Finishing Technique

After receiving a harsh punch from Goku, Nappa's rage overwhelms him and he attacks again, still with no luck in injuring Goku, even with a strong ki blast that Goku didn't even deflect. Vegeta tells Nappa to calm down as his rage is impairing his ability. He listens and then powers up and attacks Goku again. Even so, Nappa is still not able to land a hit, even when using his most powerful attack. It's then that Vegeta tells Nappa to quit as he will never be able to beat Goku at this rate. Nappa reluctantly agrees then turns his attention to Gohan and Krillin who have been watching from the sidelines. Goku chases after Nappa and is forced to use his Kaio Ken powerup to catch up with Nappa and stop him - breaking his back in the process. Goku tosses Nappa to the ground and tells Vegeta he should take Nappa and leave Earth. He explains to Gohan and Krillin about his Kaio Ken, how it increases, speed and strength in an instant, but if not controlled properly it can also injure him. Vegeta then kills Nappa as he no longer has any use for a Saiyan who can't fight. Seeing how strong and cruel Vegeta is, Goku tells Gohan and Krillin to go back to the Kame House, before they leave Krillin tells Goku he should fight away from here so that the bodies of their friends won't be damaged if they are revived and he will tell him more later, if he is able to defeat Vegeta. Goku heads off with Vegeta, leaving Gohan and Krillin behind...

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