DBZ Episode 290 - Buu's Reincarnation

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[edit] Episode 290 - Buu's Reincarnation

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Japanese Name: I'm Uubu. Now 10 years old, Formerly Majin Buu...

The finalists for the World Tournament gather at the ring to draw their numbers and find out exactly whom they will be fighting. However, as Vegeta wonders which of the seemingly unimpressive unknown warriors Goku could have referred as to be being someone with an “amazing” power level, Goku surprisingly decides to bend the rules by asking Good Buu to secretly use his manipulative magic to have it so he can fight exactly who he wants in the first round.

Vegeta is puzzled when Goku reveals the person he wants to fight in the opening round is a young, skinny coloured boy who doesn’t look much older than Pan. Goku goes on to explain that this boy is Kid Buu reincarnated, and has the powers of mighty destroying lying dormant inside of him, which even he himself does not realise. Goku is eager to fight with this boy, intriguing named Uub, which is Buu backwards, and test himself against the remarkable sleeping power within him.

The first match of the Tournament quickly results in victory for Pan, which then leads to Goku going head to head against Uub. Goku sees that it will take a lot of pressure to get a decent fight out of Uub, and actually finds himself bombarding Uub with rude and somewhat cruel remarks about him and his family. This goes exactly according to plan for Goku though, and Uub’s inner power is now starting to awaken...

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