DBZ Episode 286 - Spirit Bomb Triumphant

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[edit] Episode 286 - Spirit Bomb Triumphant

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Japanese Name: Goku is the Strongest after all!!! Majin Buu is Destroyed...

With the Spirit Bomb completed and ready to fire, things are looking up for the Z Fighters. But as Goku gives the call to Vegeta to get out of harms way before he unleashes the attack, Vegeta is far too weakened to even walk, let alone run away.

It becomes apparent to Kid Buu that Goku absolutely will not fire the Spirit Bomb if its going to hit Vegeta as well, so the pink psycho takes advantage of this fact, and begins toying around with the Saiyans, putting the very existence of the waiting Spirit Bomb in jeopardy. But in a sudden stroke of luck, Good Buu is able to rise again and briefly attack Kid Buu, leaving Hercule with just enough time to pick up Vegeta and carry him away from the battlefield.

With no more reasons to hold back, Goku is finally about to attack Kid Buu with the Spirit Bomb, but incredibly, his evil adversary is able to stop the giant energy ball, and slowly start to push it back! But this is the last chance the Z Fighers are going to get to win this fight. So back on Planet Namek, the last wish to Purunga is used to heal Goku to full health, so he can push the Spirit Bomb straight back at Kid Buu! This final push is finally enough to kill kid Buu once and for all, and the universe can sigh in relief and peace is restored once again.

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