DBZ Episode 285 - People of Earth Unite

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[edit] Episode 285 - People of Earth Unite

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Japanese Name: Big Appreciation! It's here, Everyone's Energy Ball...

Vegeta is distraught when Good Buu has been so weakened from fighting the monstrous Kid Buu that his attacks are no longer having any effect. Good Buu eventually collapses from exhaustion, and Vegeta has no choice but to rejoin the battle once again. Goku continues to plea to the people of Earth in vein, and Hercule soon realises he can longer keep his mouth shut about the situation.

Hercule yells to the Earth’s people that they need to offer their energy immediately to Goku’s Spirit Bomb, or they will definitely be eradicated by Buu eventually all over again...Amazingly, they listen to him. They didn’t trust the word of Goku and Vegeta, but they all recognise the voice of their beloved Champ, and waste no time in presenting their energy to the Spirit Bomb! Goku calls in delight to Vegeta to step aside, as he finally prepares to launch the completed Spirit Bomb straight at Kid Buu.

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