DBZ Episode 284 - Call to Action

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[edit] Episode 284 - Call to Action

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Japanese Name: Our last hope! A Really Huge Genki-Dama

King Kai allows Vegeta to speak telepathically to the people of Earth, trying to convince them to raise their hands to the air and give up their energy, as it is needed to defeat Buu once and for all. Friends and family contribute to the Spirit Bomb with no second thought, but the remaining citizens of Earth aren’t so easy to convince. They don’t believe that what Vegeta says is true, and thus refuse to raise their hands to offer energy to the Spirit Bomb.

Vegeta is losing his patience, and when Goku attempts talking to the people of Earth as well he doesn’t have much more success. Good Buu is losing badly against Kid Buu, and time is very quickly running out.

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