DBZ Episode 283 - Earth Reborn

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[edit] Episode 283 - Earth Reborn

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Japanese Name: Vegeta's secret plan!! Porunga's two wishes!

Good Buu and Kid Buu continue to battle against each other, although it is apparent that the evil counterpart is the superior fighter. Vegeta thinks on his feet to quickly devise a new strategy to win this battle. He demands that Kibito Kai, Old Kai and Dende Instant Translocate to Planet Namek so that they can summon Purunga and make some wishes...

Vegeta orders that they wish back the Earth, as well as all of its inhabitants, so that Goku can collect their energy to form a Spirit Bomb, with which to destroy Majin Buu! The Namekians are happy to help, and Dende is overjoyed when it is discovered the Namek Dragonballs have been upgraded, to it is now possible to resurrect multiple people with a single wish. With that, the Earth is restored, and its people reborn. But will the gathering of energy go according to plan?

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