DBZ Episode 281 - Minute of Desperation

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[edit] Episode 281 - Minute of Desperation

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Japanese Name: Hold on Vegita! A minute fight at the risk of life

Goku tries his very best as he continues to battle with Kid Buu, but now his energy is becoming dangerous low. Kid Buu has been gradually gaining control and now he has gotten used to fighting, and because of his regeneration skills, Goku’s attacks are no longer having any effect on him.

Goku is becoming increasingly desperate, and Vegeta is quite surprised to hear Goku say that if he fought at his best at the very beginning of the fight he might have won, but wanted to give Vegeta a chance to fight! Vegeta then decides that he will fight Buu again, even if it means being destroyed, and only if he can buy a minute of extra time, he’ll allow Goku to try and concentrate his energy so he can regain as much of it as possible.

Vegeta unleashes everything he has, but Kid Buu is unfazed by his feeble attempts, and badly beats up the Saiyan prince. Kid Buu then goes on to extend his arm to start strangling him to death. As Goku can do nothing but look on in horror, is this truly the end for Vegeta?

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