DBZ Episode 278 - True Saiyans Fight Alone

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[edit] Episode 278 - True Saiyans Fight Alone

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Japanese name: Buu get over here! Finish it off in Kaio-Shin-Ka!!!

The group up on the World of the Kais watch through the crystal ball as Kid Buu regenerates himself after successfully destroying the Earth. Unfortunately, it appears as if Kid Buu has now mastered the Instant Translocation from having seen it used so many times. He then goes on to destroy many more planets, and then eventually Instant Translocates to the Other World itself!

Krillin, King Kai and Yamcha are terrified that Buu has come to the Grand Kai Planet, and even more so when he prepares to destroy it! Meanwhile, Goku and Vegeta power up their energy so that Kid Buu may sense them, in an attempt to make him spare the Grand Kai Planet and come up to fight with them instead. Their plan is successful, and now they must prepare to do battle against the psychopathic adolescent.

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