DBZ Episode 273 - The Innards of Buu

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[edit] Episode 273 - The Innards of Buu

Japanese Name: No More Fusion, Buu's Digestive System Attacks

Fortunately, Vegito manages to perform a barrier technique at the last moment when Buu absorbed him, so that he could remain alive and well inside of the monster’s stomach. But strangely, it is discovered that the Potara earrings have no effect inside Buu for some reason and Vegito splits back into Goku and Vegeta! Vegeta uses this opportunity to destroy the Potara earrings so that he may never be forced to swallow his pride by fusing with Goku again. Goku complains to Vegeta that they will still need the earrings to defeat Buu, but Vegeta assures him that the two of them could win, once they rescue Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Piccolo from Buu’s being to change him back to one of his earlier forms.

And so the two of them set off in a journey inside Buu’s body to save their family and friends, but encounter many perils along the way. The latest of which occurs when Goku is paralysed by some unusual bacteria, and becomes under attack by a giant worm!

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