DBZ Episode 272 - The Incredible Fighting Candy

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[edit] Episode 272 - The Incredible Fighting Candy

Japanese Name: Buu Fighting Super Saiya-Jin Candy Drop, and Losing. Vegetto Gets Absorbed

Majin Buu celebrates his final victory, and prepares himself to shallow Vegito, who has now been turned into a piece of candy. But to Buu’s complete dismay, Vegito is somehow still able to fly around despite being in his candy form! Even in this new form, Vegito has retained all the amazing speed and strength he had beforehand, which he uses in a series of ram attacks against Majin Buu to claim his advantage in the fight again!

Buu can hardly believe what is happening to him. He realises that to be beaten in such a manner would be far too humiliating, so he uses his unusual powers to return Vegito back to normal. There is now only last trick up Majin Buu’s sleeve, which he puts into action before long because he has no other choice. Incredibly, he manages to catch Vegito off guard and absorb him into his being! Now that Buu has absorbed Vegito as well, could this really be the end of Earth?

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