DBZ Episode 269 - Meet Vegito

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[edit] Episode 269 - Meet Vegito

Japanese Name: The Ultimate Power. Vegetto the Lethal Warrior!

Goku and Vegeta have now successfully fused their bodies permanently to form Vegito, who is now more than ready to face Majin Buu in battle. As Vegito begins to find out what his new body is capable of, he is able to hold his own against the pink monster without even transforming into a Super Saiyan.

Buu later decides that he is fed of playing around and begins to power up his secret weapon; his most powerful energy ball, that is made of all the power he used over the years to destroy countless galaxies. He fires the huge energy ball straight at Vegito, who at first has trouble being able to hold up against it. However, it doesn’t take him too long to muster up the strength to deflect the huge orb of energy straight into outer space. Buu finds Vegito’s level of skill to be very surprising, and he realises he will have his work cut out for him after Vegito finally transforms into a Super Saiyan...

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