DBZ Episode 268 - Union of Rivals

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[edit] Episode 268 - Union of Rivals

Japanese Name: Vegeta's Pride and Son Goku's Anger!!! The Birth of the Invincible Hero

In desperation, Goku sees he has no other choice but to permanently fuse bodies with Hercule, since Dende is needed for the Dragonballs, and Tien is still unconscious. But he suddenly realises an alternative when he senses a familiar energy signature has returned to Earth... He Instant Translocates to the scene, and is delighted to discover that Fortune-teller Baba has brought the deceased Vegeta back to Earth, as she had done to him, so he may fight Buu again.

Goku immediately urges Vegeta to use the Potara earrings to fuse bodies with him, as there is no longer any way for them to defeat Majin Buu. Vegeta is disgusted by such a request, and ignores Goku’s pleas even after Buu finds them and begins to beat them up with ease. After a while, Vegeta is forced to face the truth, and finally merges with Goku using the earrings to form the brand new Saiyan warrior named Vegito!

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