DBZ Episode 265 - Majin Buu Transforms

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[edit] Episode 265 - Majin Buu Transforms

Japanese Name: Buu Commits a Foul! Gotenks is Absorbed!?

Despite Gohan’s concern, Goten and Trunks see no problem in them fusing into Gotenks to fight Buu once again. But once Gotenks is reformed, he has instantly stepped right into Buu’s trap. Suddenly, two segments of Buu’s body are released from his back that proceed to swallow up Piccolo and Gotenks. Although they try to escape, their efforts are in vein, and once they are completely swallowed up, these segments of Buu merge with the rest of him, allow Majin Buu to thus absorb Piccolo and Gotenks into his being and transform.

Gohan is angry that he has let his comrades down in not being able to save them in time, and is now forced to fight a form of Majin Buu that is far stronger than before. Not surprisingly so, the battle gets off to a pretty bad start for Gohan. Has Buu really managed to claim victory from the jaws of defeat?

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