DBZ Episode 258 - Super Moves of Gotenks

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[edit] Episode 258 - Super Moves of Gotenks

Japanese Name: I'm Really Going to Fight this Time! Super Gotenks Goes all Out...

The rematch between Gotenks and Majin Buu finally gets underway. To begin with, the cocky and overconfident Gotenks remains in his base form and executes some random and seemingly pointless “techniques”. But as Buu starts to get more serious, Gotenks finally realises that he will have to transform into a Super Saiyan if he wishes to win.

But even after powering up, Gotenks is rather puzzled as to why things aren’t going as he had planned, and Buu continues to have the advantage in this fight. After all of his somewhat useless attacks he had used thus far, Gotenks prepares to use one of his more powerful techniques, and proceeds to create a strange ghost with his own likeness by blowing air out of his mouth. What exactly is this unusual skill, and will it be enough to beat Buu?

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