DBZ Episode 257 - Time Struggle

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[edit] Episode 257 - Time Struggle

Japanese Name: The Training Was a Success! Your Finished Now Majin Buu!

Just as Goten is about to enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with Trunks, he is horrified to see his mother walk right up to Majin Buu, slap him, and yell at him for killing her eldest son! Buu is not amused, and proceeds to transform Chi-Chi into an egg and crush her into pieces. Just as Goten is about to blow his top with rage, Piccolo and Trunks luckily manage to calm him down, and the two boys finally enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

Piccolo’s plan was have to have Buu wait until the hour glass had finished its cycle before the boys emerged from the time chamber to battle, but after just half an hour, Majin Buu decides he has had enough of waiting and stalling, and demands that he fight Gotenks immediately. Piccolo speaks to Goten and Trunks telepathically to tell him that he is being forced to lead Buu to the chamber. However, he is taking the long way round, and a minute’s worth of walking to the chamber will allow Goten and Trunks six hours to do any last minute preparations for battle.

The other Z Fighters realise that Piccolo is planning to have Buu and Gotenks actually fight on the inside of the chamber, so that if Gotenks is unable to win the battle, Piccolo can still destroy the door to the chamber and lock Buu inside forever. Piccolo and Buu finally arrive inside the chamber, and Goten and Trunks are there waiting for them. At first, Buu is confused to be confronted by these two small boys, but is pleased as he instantly recognises Gotenks once the boys perform the Fusion Dance. But has a few days of training inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber given Gotenks the power he needs to defeat the recently transformed Majin Buu?

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