DBZ Episode 256 - Empty Planet

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[edit] Episode 256 - Empty Planet

Japanese Name: The Impatient Destruction! The Extinction of Humanity...

Tired out from their training, Goten and Trunks are sleeping soundly deep inside the Lookout, while the newly transformation Majin Buu is outside with the rest of the Z Fighters...Buu proclaims that he has come to have a rematch with Gotenks, but Piccolo is very worried that Gotenks isn’t anywhere near strong enough to take on the new Buu. In his desperation to buy more time, Piccolo even offers Buu the choice of going off to kill the remaining people of Earth.

But on the spot, Buu executes a technique known as the Human Extinction Attack, which sends out millions of energy waves from the Lookout to kill every single last human on Earth, except for Hercule, to whom he still recognises as a “friend”. Except for him, the entire human race has now been wiped out, excluding the ones now standing on the Lookout.

While this is going on, Krillin rushes to get Goten and Trunks into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber so they can utilize what little time they have left to full effect. Piccolo is luckily able to persuade Majin Buu to wait an hour before he starts to fight, and presents him with a hour glass to record the progress of time.

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