DBZ Episode 255 - Buu Against Buu

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[edit] Episode 255 - Buu Against Buu

Japanese Name: Who Will Win?! A Battle Between Good and Evil Buu's

The two Majin Buu’s, Good and Evil, begin their fight against each other, watched by Hercule and Bee on the sidelines, and sensed by Piccolo and Dende up on the Lookout. Unfortunately, the Evil Buu appears to be far superior in strength to the good version of Buu. Good Buu tries to win the battle by attempting to transform his opponent into chocolate. But Evil Buu reflects the attack backward, and it is Good Buu that ends up being transformed into a small piece of chocolate.

To make matters worse, after Evil Buu consumes the chocolate version of Good Buu, he himself is transformed into a being far stronger than anything anyone has ever seen before. This new version of Majin Buu appears to have gained the ability of sensing energy signatures from his transformation, so he immediately races up to the Lookout, to greet and finally confront the Z Fighters...

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