DBZ Episode 252 - Unlikely Friendship

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[edit] Episode 252 - Unlikely Friendship

Japanese Name: The Last Weapon Mobilized. Satan will Save the Earth

With two thirds of the Earth’s population already killed by Majin Buu, Hercule is finally forced to step in to do battle with the beast, even though he is far too scared to do it. He has been training ever since Majin Buu first appeared, trying to learn how to fly which proved unsuccessful. But with no other choice, Hercule travels to Majin Buu’s house; despite knowing he will easily be killed by the monster.

But instead of immediately trying to take out Buu with martial arts, Hercule attempts to take out his opponent by offering him chocolates designed to make him fall asleep, and a video game console to explode in his face! Both of these ideas fail miserably, so Hercule instead tries to befriend Majin Buu, so that the creature will drop his guard and regret it at a later date...

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