DBZ Episode 251 - Gotenks Is Born

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[edit] Episode 251 - Gotenks Is Born

Japanese Name: The Birth of Super Fusion, The Name is Gotenks!

After much practice, Goten and Trunks are ready to try out the Fusion Dance for real...After two incorrect attempts that end with comical consequences, a third try results accurately, and Gotenks is created! The other Z Fighters are impressed by Gotenks’ energy, and Piccolo recommends that they wait 30 minutes for the Fusion to end, and then have Goten and Trunks do again as Super Saiyans. However, the arrogant Gotenks doesn’t want to hang around, and completely ignoring Piccolo’s orders goes to fight with Buu immediately.

Gotenks is extremely confident that he can take down Buu without even turning Super Saiyan, but quickly learns otherwise. Buu quickly puts Gotenks in his place and beats him up pretty badly. When the military intervene, they are completely destroyed by Buu, but provide Gotenks with an opportunity to retreat back to the Lookout to fight another day...

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