DBZ Episode 248 - Goku's Time Is Up

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[edit] Episode 248 - Goku's Time Is Up

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Japanese Name: Bye Bye Everyone. Son Goku Goes Back to the After Life

Goten and Trunks have their first attempt at the dance required for Fusion, but find it quite confusing, and hard to get a hold of. Even though he has less than 30 minutes until he is forced to return to Other World forever, Goku agrees with the boys’ request to show them the transformation to Super Saiyan 3. However, the transformation uses up any time he has left in a flash, and Fortune-teller Baba says he must now say his goodbyes, as it is time for him to leave.

Elsewhere on Earth, Majin Buu decides to take a brief break in his take-over of Earth by building himself a house.

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