DBZ Episode 247 - The Fusion Dance

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[edit] Episode 247 - The Fusion Dance

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Japanese Name: Incredible Ugly!? The Special Transformation Training

As Majin Buu destroys what remains of Babidi’s carcass, he erupts into a fit of celebration as there is no longer anyone in the universe who can seal him up again. To rejoice, he goes on to causes commotion in a nearby city.

Meanwhile, Goku is exhausted from his battle with Buu. The strain of using the Super Saiyan 3 in the living world while he himself is dead has worn out his energy, as his remaining time on Earth. Fortune-teller Baba even shows up at the Lookout to confirm to Goku that he only has 30 minutes left before he has to return to Other World! Luckily, Trunks returns shortly with the Dragon Radar, so Goku can teach him and Goten the remaining skills needed to master the Fusion Dance.

Goku then presents the boys with the complicated procedure for the actual dance itself, which looks as if it will be very difficult to learn! Will they be master it?

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