DBZ Episode 246 - Buu's Mutiny

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[edit] Episode 246 - Buu's Mutiny

Japanese Name: Bye Bye Babi-dee!!! Majin Buu Rebels...

The tremendous clash of Super Saiyan 3 Goku and Majin Buu continues, but now Buu is closing the gap in power between them, and Goku is quickly starting to tire out. Fortunately, Trunks finally manages to find the Dragon Radar, and immediately leaves Capsule Corp to return to the Lookout.

Sensing that Trunks has departed West City, Goku powers down to the base level and prepares his own exit. But before he does so, Goku pleads to Majin Buu not to kill anymore innocent people, as if he waits for just two days then Goten and Trunks will show up themselves for a fight. And he promises that they are unbelievably strong. Majin Buu seems intrigued by this, but Babidi exclaims that he should pay no notice and finish Goku off. Finally, Goku tells Majin Buu that he is too good of a fighter to be bossed around by a weakling like Babidi, and then takes his leave by using Instant Translocation back to the Lookout.

Buu heeds this advice well. As Babidi moans to him about letting Goku get away, Buu finally decides that he won’t be treated as a slave anymore, and proceeds to kill Babidi.

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