DBZ Episode 243 - The Z-Sword

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[edit] Episode 243 - The Z-Sword

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Japanese Name: I Pulled It Out! The Legendary Zed Sword...

Gohan’s first attempt of pulling out the Z Sword fails quite miserably. Despite Kibito’s discouraging words, he is determined to release it, and uses absolutely all the power he has in an effort to accomplish his goal. Fortunately he finally manages to liberate it, and is eager to begin practising wielding the sword for his rematch with Majin Buu.

Back on Earth, a bored Babidi decides to make another worldwide telepathic broadcast. However, Goten and Trunks didn’t see the previous broadcast as they were asleep, and are horrified to witness in their minds the image of Majin Buu reducing a whole city of people to chocolate bars! This makes them more determined than ever to complete their training so they can stop the demon duo...

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