DBZ Episode 242 - Learn to Fuse!

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[edit] Episode 242 - Learn to Fuse!

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Japanese Name: Gohans Resurrection. Is that Kaio-Shins Secret Weapon

Goten and Trunks awaken from their sleep, and set about exploring the Lookout. After pigging out on food and even getting into a scrap with Mr. Popo, Goku finds them and tells them they need to begin preparations for their fight with Buu. They take the news of what happened to Gohan and Vegeta extremely hard, but Goku convinces them they can get revenge if they train hard and master the Fusion Dance...

Meanwhile, Kibito finally finds the Supreme Kai, and heals him back to full health before he dies. The two of them then find Gohan, and Supreme Kai decides that he and Kibito should take Gohan back to their home; the World of the Kais, high up in Other World. Once there, Kibito heals Gohan and Supreme Kai goes into the deeper details of his plan. He intends for Gohan to pull out the Legendary Z Sword from its stone-resting place, a task that not even a Kai has ever been able to achieve. Upon being given a new set of clothes, Gohan prepares himself to take on pulling out the Z Sword, so that he may use it to defeat Majin Buu in a rematch...

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