DBZ Episode 23 - Saibamen Attack!

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[edit] Episode 23 - Saibamen Attack!

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Japanese Name:Yamucha Dies! The Terror of the Saibaimen

The Saibamen launch their attack against Piccolo, Krillin and Gohan. As this is Gohan's first fight, his inexperience shows, but before they get very far, Tien and Chao Zu arrive to help with Yamcha not far behind. As there are six Saibamen and now six people for them to fight against Vegeta suggests they each fight one on one against a Saibamen which they agree to, if only to buy a little time before Goku arrives. Tien offers to fight first. Meanwhile, Yajirobe is stuffing his face whilst telling the reporters that "his boys" are fighting the Saiyans. Bulma is watching the report at Master Roshi's when Ox-King turns up with ChiChi who is desperate to hear any news about Gohan. Back in the wilderness, Tien's fight against the Saibamen begins, and ends soon after as Tien knocks the Saibamen down, imobilising him. For its failure, Vegeta kills the Saibaman, indirectly warning the other Saibamen to try harder when fighting. Yamcha decides to go next, from a safe distance a news team are able to record what's going on. Yamcha's fight begins and ends shortly after with Yamcha knocking the Saibamen down. However, with Yamcha's back turned the Saibaman grabs onto Yamcha and blows himself up, killing Yamcha in the process. Krillin is distraught at what has happened and tells everyone to get back...

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