DBZ Episode 237 - Final Atonement

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[edit] Episode 237 - Final Atonement

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Japanese Name: For The Sake of my Loved ones... Vegita Fall's!!!

Trunks is briefly able to stun Majin Buu with a surprise sneak attack, and frees Vegeta with Goten’s assistance. Babidi is stunned by the sudden appearance of the two boys, and is about to do something about their interference when he finds himself being stood over by Piccolo. Babidi uses his magic to generate a shield to protect himself from Piccolo’s attacks, but it is no match for the might of the Super Namek. Babidi does all he can to plea for his life, but Piccolo goes on to rip the wizard’s body in half, and send his ruined remains tumbling to the ground...

Meanwhile, Goten and Trunks are determined to fight alongside Vegeta against Majin Buu. But in order to protect them, Vegeta temporarily knocks them out, and gives their sleeping bodies to Piccolo, ordering the Namek to get as far away from the battlefield as possible, as quickly as possible.

As Buu returns, somewhat annoyed from the kick he received from Trunks, Vegeta realises that there is only one way that he could defeat a monster such as Buu. And with that, he uses all his energy to erupt into a massive kamikaze attack, sacrificing his own life in an attempt to take out Majin Buu, while Piccolo and Krillin witness his noble demise...

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