DBZ Episode 236 - The Warrior's Decision

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[edit] Episode 236 - The Warrior's Decision

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Japanese Name: A Warrior's Resolve!! Im going to Destroy Majin Buu myself

Rebelling against the orders of his so-called master, Vegeta is now eager to begin a battle against Majin Buu. As their fight gets underway, his secret spectators of Goten, Trunks, Krillin and Piccolo find Vegeta’s display of raw power to be very impressive, and even a little surprising. Despite having Buu on the run with his amazing strength, Vegeta starts to grow concern that he may eventually find himself at a disadvantage due to Buu’s ability to regenerate any parts of his body that may be destroyed.

But Buu isn’t simply going to wait for Vegeta to tire out... He pulls out another unique ability when he rips off a part of his own flab and moulds it into a weapon to bind Vegeta so he is completely unable to move! The Saiyan Prince is now entirely defenceless to all of Buu’s brutal attacks. Unable to contain his anger at what he sees before him, Trunks is overcome by rage and, despite Piccolo’s protests, flies in to help his fallen father...

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