DBZ Episode 235 - Meal Time

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[edit] Episode 235 - Meal Time

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Japanese Name: I'm going to Eat You! The Starving Majin's Psychic Powers...

Dabura begins his rematch with Majin Buu, but is still no match for the beast. He later discovers one of Buu’s most sinister techniques, when he is transformed into a giant cookie by the antenna on Buu’s head! Celebrating his victory by eating the huge Dabura cookie, the king of the demons thus dies, and the statues of Piccolo and Krillin are restored to life... Or are they?

It is then that Trunks realises that the sculpture he accidentally destroyed was in fact the real Piccolo. Luckily, Piccolo is able to regenerate as his head was undamaged, and is completely restored. Like Goten and Trunks, Piccolo is concerned as to the whereabouts of Goku and Vegeta. However, he grows great worry when he fails to sense Gohan’s energy...

Having finished his feast, Buu prepares to complete his unfinished business by taking care of the Supreme Kai. But suddenly, Babidi’s spaceship blows up into a massive cloud of smoke, from which Vegeta emerges...

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