DBZ Episode 234 - The Terror of Mr. Buu

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[edit] Episode 234 - The Terror of Mr. Buu

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Japanese Name: The Terrifying Majin Buu! It's feared That Gohan is on the Brink of Death!!!

Clearly the superior warrior in terms of strength, Majin Buu enjoys toying around with the Supreme Kai and goes onto beat him up really badly. When Gohan returns to the battlefield to give some assistance, he is blown away by one of Buu’s massive energy ball attacks. The technique, intended to send Gohan flying into space so he could die, is foiled when Supreme Kai uses his last ounce of strength before he falls unconscious from exhaustion to blow up the energy ball so that Gohan may fall to the ground. Now, despite being a great distance away, out for the count in a deep forest, Gohan remains alive with his life force hanging by a thread.

As Babidi orders Buu to finish off the Supreme Kai, Dabura suddenly reappears and pierces a spear through Majin Buu’s stomach! But even that isn’t enough to harm the podgy pink monster, who pulls out the spear and regenerates the hole created by it... While all this is going on, Goten and Trunks finally show up in the vicinity amongst the cliffs to get a front row seat of the action. They are however puzzled that Gohan nor either or their fathers is anywhere to be seen... The two of them also lay their eyes on the Krillin and Piccolo, petrified into a statue state from a previous attack from Dabura. Thinking their fake, Trunks goes on to carelessly break the statue of Piccolo! Has he advertently and unknowingly killed the Namekian?

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