DBZ Episode 233 - The Losses Begin

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[edit] Episode 233 - The Losses Begin

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Japanese Name: A Straight Path to Destruction!? Kaio in Despair

Dabura mocks Majin Buu for his juvenile antics, but quickly regrets it when Buu ends up knocking the king of the demons unconscious and flying into a cliff without breaking a sweat! Such a terrible display of brute strength makes Gohan realise that he has no choice but to retreat. With that, he grabs the arm of the Supreme Kai and flies off as fast as he possibly can.

But just when he thinks he has successfully evaded Buu, the pink powerhouse suddenly appears in front of the heroes, and smacks Gohan straight into the ground with a powerful strike. This now leaves the Supreme Kai defenceless, and forced to battle Buu alone...

Elsewhere, Goku and Vegeta have clearly sensed that Majin Buu has been revived. Goku’s anxiousness that Buu has already begun to fight leads Vegeta decide to postpone their fight, as his opponent is clearly worried about other matters. However, Vegeta knocks Goku out cold while his guard is done, takes the final senzu bean for himself and then begins preparations for a fight with Majin Buu unaided, not wanting to allow Goku a chance to play “the hero” role again.

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