DBZ Episode 231 - Magic Ball of Buu

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[edit] Episode 231 - Magic Ball of Buu

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Japanese Name: The Seal is Broken... The Ultimate Evil Majin Buu Appears...

The Supreme Kai decides that he will fight Babidi himself while Gohan can square off in a rematch against Dabura, as the moments before Majin Buu’s awakening begin to tick down. Babidi teleports the four of the them, as well as Buu’s seal to the grounds outside the spaceship, so that his pet monster may be in the fresh air when he wakes up...

Meanwhile, the colossal match between Goku and Vegeta is raging on and on. Later, Vegeta reveals that he allowed Babidi to take control of him, so that he could become strong enough to challenge Goku properly. Goku is disappointed by this revelation, but nonetheless continues to fight Vegeta in the hope to defeat him as soon as possible so he has more fight to battle Majin Buu if needed.

Finally, Gohan transforms into a Super Saiyan and rushes forward, preparing to do whatever it takes to defeat Dabura and Babidi before the revival is complete. But to everyone’s shock he is already too late, as the meter that had gathered lost energy from Goku and Vegeta’s fight is already full, and Majin Buu is finally ready to be awakened!

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