DBZ Episode 230 - The Long Awaited Fight

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[edit] Episode 230 - The Long Awaited Fight

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Japanese Name: Wait for us Babi-dee! We Won't Let you Continue your Evil

At long last, Goku and Vegeta begin their amazing rematch. Starting off with a brief warm-up round, the two Saiyans have obviously improved a lot in skill and strength during the past seven years, and the two of them appear to be completely evenly matched. Just which one of them will emerge as the victor?

Meanwhile, Gohan takes care of Babidi’s wimpy minions at the fourth level of his ship, so that himself and Supreme Kai can descend to the fifth and final level. There, Gohan lays eyes on Majin Buu’s seal for the first time, before Babidi and Dabura step out of the shadows for the final showdown to decide if the resurrection of Majin Buu will fail or succeed...

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