DBZ Episode 22 - The Darkest Day

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[edit] Episode 22: The Darkest Day

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Japanese Name: Unbelievable! Saibaimen, Born of the Soil

The two Saiyans, Nappa and Vegeta, emerge from their spacepods which have landed in the middle of a crowded city, which Nappa promptly decides to destroy. He's pleased with his work, but Vegeta warns him to not make too much damage on the planet otherwise they can't sell it for a high price. They then decide to find the Dragon Balls, heading straight for the one who killed Raditz - Piccolo. Their scouters pick up several readings over 1000 but do not seem overly concerned, then head off towards the highest two readings.

On Master Roshi's island Bulma and the others realise the Saiyans have definetly arrived when they hear about the destruction of a city on the news. They want to go help but Master Roshi knows they cannot do anything in this battle. The other Z Fighters make their way towards Piccolo and Gohan's location, as they sense that the two Saiyans are also headed there.

Meanwhile several teams have arrived at the destruction of the city to see what is going on. Yajirobe also arrives and finds the two Saiyan spacepods, he tells the police there that a bunch of aliens have landed but they don't believe him and try to get him to move along. However, he points out the spaceships and they decide to exam them who determine they're not from Earth, the reporters then argue over who will get to interview Yajirobe for the full story. In the end, he makes them all pay to hear what he has to say, and eventually tells them where the Saiyans are. The reporters head off there to try and get the story first, despite Yajirobe's warning.

In the wilderness, Krillin is the first to meet up with Piccolo and Gohan and it doesn't take long for Nappa and Vegeta to arrive too. Nappa recognises that Piccolo is a Namek which explains why his strength is higher than the others, this is the first time Piccolo (and Kami-sama) learns that he is infact an alien. Vegeta then suggests that Nappa use the Saibamen on them, Nappa plants the six seeds in the ground and out grow six Saibamen.

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