DBZ Episode 228 - The Dark Prince Returns

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[edit] Episode 228 - The Dark Prince Returns

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Japanese Name: The Rebirth of Vegeta, Prince of Destruction! Confusion Enters The Ring...

Dabura explains to Babidi his detection of a deep anger and hatred within Vegeta. A level of anger that can be used to turn the Saiyan under Babidi’s control to become one of his evil pawns. Delighted by the idea, Babidi wastes no time in taking control of Vegeta, much to the horror of the other Z Fighters.

With Vegeta now working for Babidi, the situation is made worse when the sinister wizard sets about teleporting to them all to somewhere more appropriate to fight, but chooses the World Martial Arts Tournament! The audience are puzzled by the fighters suddenly appearing out of nowhere, as are Goku and Vegeta’s family and friends sitting in the crowd as well.

With the perfect opportunity for a rematch with Goku before him at long last, Vegeta immediately displays his eagerness to battle with his rival, and isn’t going to take no for an answer. Goku stands his grounds by refusing to fight Vegeta, but is absolutely stunned when the Saiyan Prince blows up and kills several members of the audience in an attempt to make Goku angry...

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