DBZ Episode 227 - Heart of a Villain

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[edit] Episode 227 - Heart of a Villain

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Japanese Name: The Heart of Evil Found. Dabura's Good Idea

Gohan powers up to Super Saiyan 2 as his fight with Dabura continues. The Supreme Kai is anxious that Dabura is too strong an opponent for Gohan to defeat by himself, but Goku is confident in his son’s abilities.

But as the battle starts to drag out, Vegeta complains that Gohan has slacked off in the past seven years, causing his power and strength to decrease quite substantially. Goku sticks by his belief that Gohan can still win, but Vegeta becomes more agitated, claiming that he could defeat Dabura without hassle.

Dabura becomes aware of the anger inside Vegeta, and telepathically asks Babidi to teleport them back to the ship, as he has made a “discovery”. A puzzled Babidi agrees and back at the ship, Dabura leaves the room saying he will no longer be fighting them at this time, as a much stronger warrior has been uncovered to fight for their forces of evil...

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