DBZ Episode 226 - Pay to Win

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[edit] Episode 226 - Pay to Win

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Japanese Name: The Debut of the King of Evil. It's Your Turn Gohan!!

The final match of the World Tournament is underway at last, but Hercule is in desolation of the thought of losing, being humiliated, and being hated by his beloved fans. But 18 makes a deal with Hercule so they can both get what they want. 18 says she will throw the match and allow Hercule to be the Champion of the World again if he gives her all the prize money, and loads more cash out of his own pocket. Hercule agrees, and thus the wins the fight to be crowned the “most powerful fighter on Earth” once again!

Elsewhere, Goten and Trunks are annoyed that they lost their chances of winning the Tournament after being exposed by 18. However, they notice Videl flying towards them, who later fills them in about everything Kibito told her and Gohan about Babidi and Majin Buu. Hearing this news, Goten and Trunks get excited at the prospect of possibly saving the world, and zoom off to catch up with the other Z Fighters!

Finally, Dabura completes his meditation and finally begins to fight with Gohan. Babidi teleports the room to another planet as a more convenient battlefield.

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