DBZ Episode 224 - Battle Supreme

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[edit] Episode 224 - Battle Supreme

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Japanese Name: A Huge Mistake!!! Satan Vs. The 3 Super Warriors!?

Babidi is in despair that two of his best warriors have been defeated, and now the Z Fighters are at the third level, waiting for their next opponent. But Dabura tells his master not to worry, and that he will be the next fighter for them to face. Firstly though he goes to do some meditation before the fight can begin...

Meanwhile, the crowds are getting restless back at the World Martial Arts Tournament. But Hercule suggests a clever idea for the tournament to continue in the style of a Battle Royale, with all five remaining combatants battling each other at once, with the last remaining warrior being crowned the new champion.

As the Battle Royale begins, 18 and Mighty Mask quickly take care of Killa and Jewel, before turning their attentions to each other.

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