DBZ Episode 223 - Next Up, Goku

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[edit] Episode 223 - Next Up, Goku

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Japanese Name: Son Goku At Full power. Take that Yaken!!!

It is decided that Goku will be the Z Fighter who battles the warrior on level 2 of Babidi’s ship. There, they encounter a strange monster named Yakon, and the conflict begins before long.

As before, Babidi teleports the group’s room to Yakon’s home planet, named the “Planet of Darkness”. Now in an atmosphere of pitch black, Yakon believes he now has what it takes to win. Even when Goku turns Super Saiyan, his sinister opponent reveals one of his heinous techniques, in that he can actually eat light sources! From this, Goku ends up turning back to normal.

But that isn’t enough to put Goku off. He turns Super Saiyan again, leading to Yakon attempting to swallow up his light energy again. However, this time Goku powers up much, much more, therefore releasing such a large amount of energy that Yakon cannot contain it all, and is destroyed in the process.

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