DBZ Episode 222 - Vegeta Attacks

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[edit] Episode 222 - Vegeta Attacks

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Japanese Name: Don't Mess with Me. Vegeta's First Attack is Filled with Anger

At the first level of Babidi’s ship, the evil Pui-Pui is the first combatant for the Z Fighters to overcome before they may progress. Through the Rock, Paper, Scissors method, it is decided that Vegeta will be the one who will fight with Pui-Pui, despite the Supreme Kai’s pleas that they all need to battle together in order to win.

But he is shocked when Vegeta easily manages to beat up Pui-Pui without even breaking a sweat. Babidi, who is watching the fight via a crystal ball, uses his magic to teleport the battle room to Pui-Pui’s home planet, thinking that the increased gravity there will give Vegeta a disadvantage. But even that effort is in vein, and Vegeta goes on to destroy Pui-Pui without even needing to transform into a Super Saiyan!

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