DBZ Episode 221 - King of the Demons

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[edit] Episode 221 - King of the Demons

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Japanese Name: A Trap in Waiting. A Challenge from the Darkside

As Babidi prepares to return inside of the ship with the energy supply, he reveals he has known all along that the Z Fighters have been spying on him from the nearby mountains, and tells Dabura to deal with them, but leave the strongest ones alive so that their energy may be gathered...

With Babidi and Pui-Pui departed, Dabura begins his speedy assault. He obliterates Kibito with a single attack, and then uses a strange technique of turning Piccolo and Krillin into stone statues by spitting on them! With that, he goes back inside the ship as well, to lure the remaining fighters in.

The Supreme Kai is worried what will happen next, but Goku, Gohan and Vegeta are completely comfortable with simply going right into the ship to take Babidi on! As they enter, they discover they must defeat a different fighter at each of the ship’s levels, before they may face Babidi at the end.

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