DBZ Episode 220 - The Wizard's Curse

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[edit] Episode 220 - The Wizard's Curse

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Japanese Name: The Appearance of Darkness!! The Evil Magician Babi-dee...

Videl decides it may be best for her to not go with the other Z Fighters after all, as flying at her current speed is tiring her greatly and slowing Gohan down, so she turns back. Eventually, all the Z Fighters reunite and spy from a rocky cliff as Spopovitch and Yamu land at Babidi’s spaceship, the vast majority of which has been buried underground, which proves why the Supreme Kai could not find it beforehand.

The door opens, and the short quirky wizard himself emerges to greet his minions, along with the latest warrior to fall under his control, Dabura, the king of the demon world! A predicament that worries Kibito and the Supreme Kai greatly. Babidi accepts the gift of energy from Spopovitch and Yamu, but then kills them along with his other servant Pui-Pui, because they are no longer needed...

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