DBZ Episode 219 - Energy Drain

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[edit] Episode 219 - Energy Drain

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Japanese Name: A Sneaky Plan! Gohan's Power Gets Stolen

Gohan follows Kibito’s request to unleash all his power and become a Super Saiyan, but even Kibito is surprised by just how powerful Gohan really is. Shin has now been revealed to the other Z Fighters than he is the Supreme Kai, and explains that Spopovitch and Yamu will attempt to steal Gohan’s energy when he transforms. This prediction comes true, but the Supreme Kai refuses to let anyone interfere.

Spopovitch and Yamu absorb Gohan’s power into a jar, and then fly off across the horizon. Supreme Kai flies after them, as he wants to know exactly where they are taking the energy to. Most of the Z Fighters follow him, and after Kibito heals Gohan back to full health, the two of them allow with Videl follow as well.

Supreme Kai then finally reveals his secrets to the Z Fighters. An evil wizard named Babidi has taken control of Spopovitch and Yamu and ordered them to collect a huge amount of energy so he may use it to resurrect an unstoppable killing machine monster named Majin Buu. Supreme Kai needed Spopovitch and Yamu to steal the energy so he could follow them and find out exactly where Babidi is hiding, so they can put a stop to his plans of reviving Majin Buu once and for all...

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