DBZ Episode 218 - Identities Revealed

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[edit] Episode 218 - Identities Revealed

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Japanese Name: Unmasked!!! The Great Saiya-man is Son Gohan

Goku uses his Instant Translocation technique to go to Korin’s Tower and back so he could collect some senzu beans, one of which could be used for Videl. Gohan’s match is coming up next, but he asks for the fight to be delaying until he knows Videl gets a senzu bean. Goku eventually returns after first having a large meal, and Videl finally gets a senzu bean to restore her to full health.

With Videl safe, Gohan rushes as fast as he can to the arena so he can at last begin his fight with Kibito. But during the hurry of collecting the senzu beans, Gohan forgets that his head disguise flew off when he transformed earlier, and his school friends in the audience are able to realise that Gohan is the true identity of the Great Saiyaman! With the match about to begin, Kibito shocks Gohan with a request to see his full Super Saiyan power for the fight. Does Kibito know what he’ll be getting himself in for? Or is he more than capable of taking care of a Super Saiyan Gohan?

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