DBZ Episode 216 - A Dark and Secret Power

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[edit] Episode 216 - A Dark and Secret Power

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Japanese Name: Disgusting and Immortal!! The Mystery of Supopobitchi

The next match of the Tournament is Videl VS Spopovitch. Shin appears to be quite intrigued by Spopovitch for some reason, but Gohan and the other Z Fighters believe this fight will be a piece of cake for Videl. Meanwhile, Piccolo receives an incredible shock when it is confirmed to him that Shin’s true identity is in fact that of the Supreme Kai!

At first it seems their prediction would be correct, as Videl knocks Spopovitch around without too much trouble. But amazingly, despite the constant beatings he is receiving, Spopovitch keeps coming back for more, and is unable to be completed toppled by Videl.

Videl realises she needs to finish the match immediately, as Spopovitch is just getting stronger and stronger, and is starting to suffer from great fatigue. She executes a painful kick to Spopovitch’s head which inadvertently twists it 180 degrees, and appears to have killed him. But just as the announcer is declaring that Videl must unfortunately be disqualified for killing her opponent, Spopovitch rises yet again, and twists his head back to normal so he can carry on fighting. Videl cannot believe her eyes, so takes flight above the stadium so she can catch her breath. However, it seems she will even be unable to hide in the sky, as Spopovitch has the ability to fly as well!

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