DBZ Episode 215 - Forfeit of Piccolo

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[edit] Episode 215 - Forfeit of Piccolo

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Japanese Name: What's Wrong Piccolo? The Impossible Non Fight...

The first match-up of the Tournament is Krillin against the giant bodied but small minded Pintar. Pintar is extremely cocky, believe that size is the only thing that matters in battle, but Krillin quickly proves him wrong by defeating his competitor without breaking a sweat.

With no delay, the second match is about to get underway. Piccolo steps into the ring and prepares to face off against Shin, but tries to figure out exactly who his mysterious opponent really is. But just as he realises Shin’s true identity and wonders where he is here, his opponent tells Piccolo that he will know soon enough...Shocked by Shin’s telepathic powers and his very unique energy signature, Piccolo decides he can’t go through with the match, and thus forfeits on the spot, much to the surprise of everyone else.

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