DBZ Episode 213 - Big Trouble, Little Trunks

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[edit] Episode 213 - Big Trouble, Little Trunks

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Japanese Name: What Will You do Mr. Satan?? The Greatest Crisis in History!!

Hercule is now terrified by his earlier decision to have an exhibition match with the winner of the Junior Division. Having witnessed the final fight, Hercule fears the worst as his fans cheer him to come out and battle with Trunks. Hercule now believe his career is over, as he won’t stand a chance of beating Trunks in a fair fight, and would be laughed at and shunned as a loser by the people of Earth.

He is forced onto the stage, and quickly has to think of a way to get out of this battle alive. He tries to convince Trunks to give him a “light punch on the cheek” as a sign of warrior respect, so he may take Trunks by surprise and throw him out of the ring, but even Trunks’ idea of a “light punch” has so more force that Hercule is sent flying out of the ring! But Hercule fortunately thinks on his feet and convinces his fans he lost on purpose!

Meanwhile, the Z Fighters enjoy a meal, and prepare to go to draw their numbers to see who will be fighting who in the Adult Division of the Tournament. On their way though they meet two shady characters who are also going to compete in the Adult Division. They appear to be pretty strong, and have some sort of interest in Goku. But who exactly are they?

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